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Why did I decide to create a news generator for Kindle?

11 Mar 2021

World around us is changing, changing by a lot. So does good journalism. Typewriter Several years ago good journalists were employed by some prominent newspaper. You can just read that paper(web site) and that’s about it as I prefer to read my news stories. Reading gives you flexibility to imagine world author is writing about unlike television where everything is defined for you. Television on the other hand has always been a money making machine, so newspapers decided to follow suit, bringing their corporate interests forward. That’s where our story starts


My solution to Section 230 debates

14 Dec 2020

I have always been vocal about Section 230 as media and politicians are trying to shape public opinion toward wrong direction of stripping Section 230 from intermediaries. Truth is that Internet runs on intermediaries, while there are a log of tech savy people and a lot of tools had lowered entrance bar, not every one is capable of running their own publishing service on the internet. Section 230 in a nutshell protect those intermediaries from actions of their users, so users can still be prosecuted if they post some illegal content, but not companies that provide services to those users. Supreme court

Across the spectrum of actions culmination thus far has been an introduction of a bill H.R.8922,


Exploring Jekyll

13 Dec 2020

Today I have decided to try new way of blogging, it’s GitHub pages, that use Jekyll behind the scene to generate content.

After reading some documentation and hacking couple examples together, I’ve decided to move my entire blog to Jekyll for simplicity. It’s way simpler than using whole fledged platforms like Blogspot, all you need is internet and console to write your content.

Additionally I just want to share few lessens learned that are not necessarily clear from documentation:


Taking control back

26 Jan 2020

What is the purpose of technology? I think it’s purpose to serve us, people, to improve our lives, not the other way around. Computer Image Recent decades of technological progress made a lot of things possible, for example connecting us to friends and family regardless of where we are in the world.


Attention span among software developers

11 Nov 2019

Our attention is one of the most important resources today and attention merchants are fighting to get a piece of it. Computer image There is entire industry designed to get a slice of your time. Which makes it feels like continuous amount of time which we spend on each individual activity diminishes as volume of information we are exposed to on a daily basis increases. Let’s have a look at historical development in that area.