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Care does not scale!

23 Sep 2019

I have been thinking about life cycle of a typical software startup, and what startups facing as they are trying to scale. So I stumbled upon a very controversial statement which I think might be the answer for many companies as they grow. “Care does not scale”. So let me explain myself.


Taking Yubikey beyond 2FA

28 Mar 2019

Security usually associated with a lot of restrictions and a lot of hurdles that you have to jump through, but does it have to be that way? Is there a something which will help us to keep that balance of sanity and still provide strong security? Fortunately there is one thing, it’s called Yubikey. Company that sells it started with attempts to take hassle out of the two-factor authentication and in my opinion they successfully achieved that. However Yubikey is capable of many more things, not just 2FA, it can carry your PGP keys, certificates and so on. Keys picture


Ethics in software development

18 Feb 2019

In today’s world software is deeply integrated into our lives. It’s not avoidable, it’s everywhere. It’s not just apps, that you run on your smartphone, but all essential services on your smartphone are nothing more than software functions. We use software managed cellular networks. Ethics Image It’s in our appliance, even in our car regardless how old it is (unless of course you are roaming in car from 50th). Those systems called embedded and usually well hidden from a regular people.


Do You Even Agile, Bro!?

12 Sep 2018

Today I’d like to touch on the subject of agile software development. I’ve been working in the software development industry for almost two decades and as I moved through my career agile software development was gaining popularity, up to the point where it became just a buzzword for many companies. Let’s start with little bit of a history. In the early part my professional career, back in 2001, a world away from my development roots in Belarus, a few developers got together at a resort in Utah and published the Manifesto for AgileSoftware Development.


Bitcoin - consumer's perspective.

04 Sep 2017

Working on the front line of IonTec Software LLC is a lot of fun. Some time ago I was helping one of our customers to navigate through industry buzzwords and see if they could improve their business processes by implementing some of the new technologies. One of the technologies in question was a block chain. They were wondering if and how they could implement it to improve their business. All of those conversations reminded me of the Bitcoin and inspired me to write this post, where I’d like to take a look at the Bitcoin(BTC) from consumer’s perspective.