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Web apps as a replacement for desktop apps

11 Sep 2015

I’ve been using Ubuntu for a long time, and there were good days and there were of course bad days. However in most of the cases Canonical had a lot of great ideas.

Today I would like to focus on one awesome idea, at least it looked awesome on the paper. It’s web applications. It’s been several years since I started using those and I’ve had enough data to establish opinion on what would fit my needs.


Littlebit fun with Jenkins.

17 Dec 2014

Finally I decided to write about configuring Jenkins server, which is absolutely must have tool for any software project. This is how project itself describe what Jenkins is on their own web site:

In a nutshell Jenkins CI is the leading open-source continuous integration server. Built with Java, it provides 1009 plugins to support building and testing virtually any project.

That’s not going to be a full tutorial on how to do a perfect configuration of Jenkins, I am targeting simplicity and as a result goal of this tutorial is providing quick and dirty way to set everything up and have it running ASAP.


Python for a quick prototyping

29 Oct 2014

Lately I was looking for a simple app to help me manage priorities on my todo list, and when I realized that there is no app which could satisfy me I’ve decided to create my own. So what did I need from such app is simply organize data output, in other words print lines of data in a particular area of the window and some colors to distinguish things. I already have script which I am using to enter data and I am fairly happy with it. Almost forgotten, another requirement that I had back then is app has to be GUI form and work under Linux.


Insuficcient storage available message on Android phones

21 Sep 2014

Just to make things clear I am using Sony Xperia TL from AT&T, so everything I am talking about here is related to that phone and version of Android OS I am currently using which is 4.1.2.

Recently I’ve started to run into an “Insufficient Storage Available” error message on my Android phone. So where does that come from, since I have several GB’s of internal storage available, I though to myself, right?